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Quota International of Manila South


Welcome to Quota International of Manila South's website!

Quota is a Latin word meaning "a share" and sharing is the motto of Quota International, Inc., the world's oldest women's organization established in Buffalo, New York in 1919. Since then, Quota International has spread to fourteen countries worldwide including the Philippines in 1976.

There are 13 Quota clubs nationwide, and like all of them, QUOTA INTERNATIONAL OF MANILA SOUTH (QIMS) has raised the Quota motto to new heights. Quota in this sense now means going out on a limb to share their blessings with others, particularly the underprivileged, the marginalized, the unfortunate, and the downtrodden.

Quota service involves so much more than money. We give our time, our energy, our creativity, and our heart to help the hearing impaired and disadvantaged women and children - and the feeling of accomplishment one will experience is incomparable and awe-inspiring.


We are proud to announce that our 1st ever Golf Fundraising Tournament was a success! Thank you to our sponsors, family, friends and guests. For pictures - GOLF WITH QIMS.

Please don't forget to view our Activities page for more pictures.

Please feel free to browse through our site.

We invite you to visit and support us. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and our beneficiaries.

QIMS was given the SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTENNIAL AWARD (The Haven Award) for being an OUTSTANDING PSD DONOR & BENEFACTOR - December 1, 2007



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